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SHHHH is an entertainment-industry-centric material salvage company in the NY/NJ area.

Our goal is to make salvage and recycling part of the production process of special events and theatrical productions, so that any useable materials are moved directly from the 'strike' of a show into the hands of the next user  (as opposed to moving directly into a dumpster).  Moving things directly from user to user eliminates storage charges, and reduces labor and transportation costs to a bare minimum.

In the past two years we were able to salvage and re-direct more than five tons of material out of the waste stream and into the hands of over 100 artists, schools, community gardens, and green-focussed associations.

Repurposed materials included:

Our operation is self-contained, flexible, and strives to be invisible. We create an Event-Specific salvage design for each job so that material salvage becomes part of the production process, and can easily change as the needs of your production change. We understand that the entertainment industry works on a 24-hour schedule and our operation is not restricted to business hours. Everything is placed with the next user in pre-production and changes hands when the event strikes––there's no need for a storage space, and labor and transportation costs are usually already contained in the existing budgets of both groups.

SHHHH is looking for more groups to work with, so if you're interested in being on our mailing list, click on the CONTACT link above and please note in the SUBJECT line whether you are interested in salvage services and/or receiving materials.

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